Pesca con MoscaFISHING: Around Aluminé there are countless streams, rivers and lakes (Moquehue, Aluminé, Ñorquinco, Pulmarí, Quillen, Litrán, Kilca, Relén, Malalco)...

where fly fishing gives great satisfaction and enjoyment of exceptional landscapes. The species that can be caught are: rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout and perch Creole. Do not forget the famous "Catch & Release" ...

RAFTING: The experts say the Aluminé River is the country's best river for rafting, with rapids ranging from grade 4 to grade 2. For experts is the "Aluminé Superior" circuit and for those who want to have fun with family or friends, the circuit "Open Wide".

Pehuenia Circuit Tours: A tour of 170 km including the visit to five lakes, several rivers and streams, araucaria forests and the northern part of Lanin National Park. From Aluminé north on Provincial Route 23, the road skirts the Aluminé River to the lake of the same name after traveling 50 kilometers. This journey takes place in a typical landscape of the foothills, surrounded by steep, rocky hills almost no vegetation but an imposing magnitude. Aluminé lake from the east and 63 kilometers from the starting point is Villa Pehuenia, a place of summer homes on the lake shore.


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