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A Natural Spa

Pure nature without pollution. To relax, replenish their energy, marvel at nature and knowing also that's Villa Pehuenia, sanctuary located in an amphitheater of mountains and lakes that combine hospitality, service and adventure in a paradise, in the Patagonian, border with Chile.

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It offers numerous alternatives to discover the unexplored.
In winter a snow park operated by the Mapuche community (unique in the world) with the ability to enjoy the snow guaranteed from July to October. Ideal for families and learn a lovely sport: skiing. In summer, trekking between Coihues forest, reigns Araucaria or Pehuén, a species of conifer survivor of the prehistoric age. A chain of lakes, rivers, streams and waterfalls beckon with its crystal clear waters. Spring and autumn with an explosion of colors that invite us to enjoy activities such as rafting, trekking, kayaking, horseback riding, 4x4 Cruises, mountain biking, etc.

Its 1800 population composed of indigenous communities - Mapuches - confer a socio-cultural nuance that are waiting to show you the beauty in every place
strategically situated 300 km from the capital of Neuquén, 200 km from San Martin de los Andes, and 140 km. of Temuco - Chile. It offers 2,500 beds from one to four stars, international cuisine and flavors with regional products, whose quality is recognized throughout Patagonian. A varied range of adventure.
For those who enjoy discovering unique destinations where nature reigns, Costa Bonita, Cottages in Villa Pehuenia ... awaits you!

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